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We bring more and better plant-based products to market by developing across the spectrum. From raw, whole foods to innovative and novel ingredients. Your values matter to us.

Meat, dairy, egg alternatives, plant-proteins: from every-day packaged products to premiumised restaurant menus, let’s make more and better for all consumer needs.

We do side-by-side taste testing of meat and dairy alongside your plant-based products, if you are positioning your product that way. Your potential non-vegan consumer is important to us and so is their palate.

While we love working with plant-based businesses, we also encourage and assist any food business looking to add plant-based products or menu items.

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We work with small, medium and large businesses.

We dedicate a percentage of our time to helping start ups with tight budgets and big ideas. Everyone was a starter-upper at one time!

We present to chefs, sales teams, senior management and product developers. We use compelling market and demand data to illustrate the taste and business case to your team, which we can tailor around your product and needs.

We know where the gaps and hooks are. If you have no idea what product to make or business to start and want to do something amazing to transform consumer choice, talk to us.